Developing Core Skills For Administrators & Secertaries

02-10-2022 - 06-10-2022 3300 Abu Dhabi


Course Introduction:


This training aims to help you raise your efficiency levels and develop skills that will help you build your career.

You will learn essential tools for personal development in five key areas:

  1. Personal effectiveness  (better business reading, note-making with mind maps, and memory skills)
  2. Interpersonal communications (better able to overcome barriers and handle difficult situations)
  3. Contributing to a team (business brains, better meetings, thinking and working in groups)
  4. Self-discipline & emotional control (how to be heard,
    how to listen, how to build self-esteem)
  5. Results-oriented time management (take control of your inbox and learn to deal with time-stealers)

You’ll develop core skills needed for success. These skills will help you improve your confidence and ability to work on your own or as part of a multi-disciplinary project team.


Course Objectives:



This training is designed to:

·         Give you a ‘brain train’ to improve your effectiveness at work

·         Improve your reading and note-making skills

·         Develop useful note-making skills and show how to link these to your reading

·         Teach you to use and apply simple memory systems

·         Build your self-esteem and confidence when dealing with teams, individuals and difficult problems and situations

·         Show you ways to manage your time and plan for results


Who Should Attend?


·         Secretaries and administrators wanting to raise their efficiency levels, improve their effectiveness and develop skills that will help their career-development

·         People working in an office role supporting management and/or working in project teams

·         Anyone wanting to develop their practical skills and personal strengths to help them succeed in an office environment


Course Outline:


Personal Effectiveness

·         Your Brain Skills: the brains behind a business

·         Thinking about reading (and identifying your current skills)

·         How to be a ‘successful’ reader

·         Reading strategies: the theory

·         Thinking about note-making

·         How to make notes quickly and effectively using mind mapping

·         Practice using mind mapping

·         Reading at work

·         Combining Fast Reading and Mind Mapping skills to increase effectiveness

·         Memory magic? Introduction to Memory systems

·         Memory linking

·         Memory journeys

·         Remembering names and numbers

·         Memory at work


Effective Inter-Personal Communications

·         Barriers – and their solutions

·         Body Language/building rapport

·         Keys to relationships

·         Self image and self esteem

·         Getting your point across: know what to say and when to say it

·         Managing feelings; managing other people

·         Listening and questioning


Time Management, Planning & Problem Solving

·         Results-orientated time management

·         Outcome planning for better results

·         Can anyone be creative?

·         Practical approaches to problem solving

·         Prioritization and Planning Periods

·         Getting things done

·         Identifying and dealing with timewasters


Your Personal Skills-set: Putting It All Together

·         Your role and job in the context of any organization

·         Using Core Skills in the real world

·         Thinking and working in groups

·         Better Meetings

·         How to change habits of a lifetime


Course Methodology:


A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

·         (30%) Based on Case Studies

·         (30%) Techniques 

·         (30%) Role Play

·         (10%) Concepts

·         Pre-test and Post-test

·         Variety of Learning Methods

·         Lectures

·         Case Studies and Self Questionaires

·         Group Work

·         Discussion

·         Presentation


Course Fees:


This rate includes participant’s manual, Hand-Outs, buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.


Course Timings:


Daily Course Timings:

    08:00 - 08:20       Morning Coffee / Tea

    08:20 - 10:00       First Session

    10:00 - 10:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks

    10:20 - 12:20       Second Session

    12:20 - 13:30       Lunch Break & Prayer Break

    13:30 - 15:00       Last Session

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