Professional Secretarial & Administration Skills

23-01-2022 - 27-01-2022 3300 Dubai


Course Introduction:


Successful secretaries and administrators often require many of the same skills as senior staff in an organization. They are often the person in charge of the organization's correspondence, and are very often the first point of contact for visitors. Therefore, they must display a highly professional image at all times. The role of being a professional secretary or administrator requires: excellent office skills, accurate filing, preparing for meetings, dealing with people, both on the telephone and face-to-face, exceptional interpersonal abilities, and first class business writing and communication skills. This program covers all of these, and more.


Course Objectives:


  • To understand the importance of effective administration skills within an organization
  • To develop the skills needed to be a professional secretary
  • To enhance your communication and interpersonal skills
  • To manage your time efficiently and be able to think proactively
  • To learn how to set up and manage effective filing systems
  • To learn how to manage petty cash systems
  • To understand how to manage stock and stationery supplies
  • To enhance telephone skills and understand correct telephone etiquette
  • How to be assertive and build a good rapport with your manager


Who Should Attend?


Those employees who perform the tasks within a secretarial or administrative position, wishing to improve their skills, or those who are new to, or about to be appointed to such a position


Course Outline:


Your Secretarial & Administrative Role 

·         Responsibilities 

·         Skills 

·         Qualities


Developing an Appropriate Professional Image 

·         Professional Appearance In The Gulf 

·         Timekeeping & Punctuality 

·         Introduction To Office Ethics



·         Identifying Stress 

·         Stress Busting Techniques 

·         Activities To Practice Using The Techniques



·         Body Language, Words, & Tone Of Voice 

·         Active Listening 

·         Questioning For Clarity


Effective Written Business Communication 

·         Correct Layout Of Letters & Emails 

·         Correct Use Of Salutations 

·         Basic Business English Punctuation & Grammar


Telephone Skills 

·         How To Deal With Callers Professionally & Effectively 

·         Telephone Etiquette 

·         The 'Do's & 'Do Not's Of Answering The Telephone


Saying 'No' Constructively & Giving Alternatives


How to Effectively Handle Your Manager


Planning & Prioritizing 

·         Urgency & Importance 

·         ABC Method


Managing Your Key Result Areas & Tasks


Effective Filing Systems 

·         Identifying Different Methods Of Filing & Selecting The Best One 

·         How To Ensure The Effectiveness Of Your Filing Systems


Basic Finance 

·         Understanding & Managing Petty Cash Systems


Basic Stock Control & Stationery 

Managing Stationery Supplies & Stock


Course Methodology:


A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

·         (30%) Based on Case Studies

·         (30%) Techniques 

·         (30%) Role Play

·         (10%) Concepts

·         Pre-test and Post-test

·         Variety of Learning Methods

·         Lectures

·         Case Studies and Self Questionaires

·         Group Work

·         Discussion

·         Presentation


Course Fees:


This rate includes participant’s manual, Hand-Outs, buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.


Course Timings:


Daily Course Timings:

    08:00 - 08:20       Morning Coffee / Tea

    08:20 - 10:00       First Session

    10:00 - 10:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks

    10:20 - 12:20       Second Session

    12:20 - 13:30       Lunch Break & Prayer Break

    13:30 - 15:00       Last Session

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