Principles of Insurance

29-03-2020 - 09-04-2020 5800 أبوظبي


Course Introduction:


This course is designed to provide an overview of property and casualty insurance at a basic level. It is for those with little or no knowledge of the insurance industry but would like to increase their knowledge on a personal level or to start their insurance education to pursue a career in insurance.

·         Introduction to Insurance

·         Property/Liability Insurance Principles

·         Personal Insurance

·         Commercial Insurance

·         Washington Code and Ethics

·         Insurance Internship



Course Objectives:


Attendee should be able to:

  • Have an understanding of many basic insurance principles
  • Become familiar with many of the insurance terms
  • Understand how the insurance business operates
  • Be aware of how the insurance employee fits into the big picture of the insurance business



Who Should Attend?


It is intended for individuals who want to attain a highly recognized and respected professional designation in the P&C industry. This course is also for industry professionals, including brokers and agents, underwriter and adjusters, who want a comprehensive P&C education and the skills and knowledge required to advance their careers.



Course Outline:


·         Insurance Overview

·         Insurance Marketing

·         Insurance Services

·         Underwriting Basics

·         Claims Basics

·         Insurance Coverage

·         Personal Insurance

·         Commercial Property Insurance

·         Commercial Liability Insurance


·         Premium Determination



Course Methodology:


A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

·         (30%) Based on Case Studies

·         (30%) Techniques 

·         (30%) Role Play

·         (10%) Concepts

·         Pre-test and Post-test

·         Variety of Learning Methods

·         Lectures

·         Case Studies and Self Questionaires

·         Group Work

·         Discussion

·         Presentation


Course Fees:


This rate includes participant’s manual, Hand-Outs, buffet lunch, coffee/tea on arrival, morning & afternoon of each day.


Course Timings:


Daily Course Timings:

    08:00 - 08:20       Morning Coffee / Tea

    08:20 - 10:00       First Session

    10:00 - 10:20       Coffee / Tea / Snacks

    10:20 - 12:20       Second Session

    12:20 - 13:30       Lunch Break & Prayer Break

    13:30 - 15:00       Last Session



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